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Gravois Mills, MO, United States

Quick Blurb

I create items, with heart and care, that you will be delighted and proud to give as gifts to young and old alike.


Reading, gardening and snorkeling are my passions....sewing is my life!

Skills and Techniques

Sewing both hand and machine stitching. Embroidery. Creating patterns.

Get to Know

I am so happy you stopped by! Have you ever handed a special toy to a little one and watched them reach out to take it....have you seen that smile on their face? THAT is my goal. To provide the best quality, handcrafted toy I can. My love of toy making came after my daughters-in-law were irate over all the toy recalls. They were so afraid to let their little ones play with anything. So I decided that I would take my love of sewing and embroidery and put them to good use creating safe, soft toys for babies and toddlers. Toys that they can chew on, toys that Mom can toss in the washer, toys that had nothing in to harm, toys that had nothing that could fall off.

All of my toys have been created and constructed in accordance to the new CPSIA rules for children's items. I am registered and have a CPSIA registration number which you'll find on all my toy listings. My toys have also been "tested" by one (or more) of my 12 grandchildren. So, you can rest easy that they have been put to the test and passed!

I love fabric, the brighter the better, colors that would light up the eyes of a baby. Toys that would help spark their imaginations. Toys that encourage play.

I also create so many other things that are functional and beautiful! eReader covers to protect your reader and look beautiful. Tote bags in many themes that can double as great diaper bags with many pockets! Eyeglass cases, Angels of Faith and so much more.

Thank you for allowing me to continue doing what I love most, making toys for your little ones, for gifts or for your grandchildren.

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