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My passion in life is artwork and crafting. Pushing the limits on a material and watching the results play out. I fell in love with wire jewelry when my daughter was little. I started first by trying to wrap wire cages around polished stones and everything exploded from that point. I may have wandered down several other creative paths along the way, but have always come back to wire. Everything I've learned from the other mediums always plays back into what I'm making with the current wire project. I am always looking toward what I can do to push the boundaries of what has been done already. Where can I take it next? What would others deem impossible to do? What has never been tried? That's my goal every time I pick up the spool and pull out the next thin line of copper or see what develops from the metal thread this time around.

Skills and Techniques

Someone who follows my work asked me to post some drawings of my projects so they could see how things develop and how they compare to the final product. The odd thing is that I do not sketch almost anything before it develops. I let the wire speak to me as I weave and twist and turn it. A particular focal stone or accent bead may help drive the design, but the overall piece is usually made by what the wire tells me at the time. Most of my pieces are done with minimal tools involved. I use pliers to tighten or pinch certain weaves, but the primary weaving is hand tightened. I am constantly in search of new techniques/weaves/designs to move my work forward. Many current wirework artists have been my inspiration and teachers along the way. They are the reason my work exists the way it does. Without them I could never have become the artist I am today.

Get to Know

Colorado Jewelry Cartel was started by a passion for creating unique jewelry made entirely from the foundation of a strand of wire. Throw in a few crystals or pearls or stones for accents and the end results are limitless.