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Alton, Il, United States

Quick Blurb

Hi there welcome to my shop. This is a place for the fun and the weird if you love to laugh come inside.


crochet, painting, wood work, clay, jewelry, sewing

Skills and Techniques

I use no real set style I am a self taught artist I just get a idea then try and make it happen.

Get to Know

My creations come from my dreams and just my crazy imagination. They are often inspired by things I hear and see out in the world in news, online places like Regretsy, by little kids, whatever sticks with me. My work is in more every creative form I can get my hands on. My heart belongs to painting though.

My name is Cappy Sue and I love to do custom work or sell my own creations. I was featured in the Regretsy book. I have been on, and some other places but usually for being weird so don't get to excited.

Here is my fan page on Facebook if you want to follow along in the madness.