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Welcome to Chatty Cat's! Please contact me if you have any questions!

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OCD...definitely. I create because I must! I used to silver smith, and have worked in many different mediums. I love the process of bringing "pieces to piece".

I love custom designing, so don't be afraid to contact me if you can't find just the right piece you're searching for.

Have fun with your accessories...think outside your comfort zone and you'll be amazed at the attention you grab. Thank you for stopping by!


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    This is Oliver, who came to us as a stray...thinks he's a dog. He's smug and solid. A real bruiser. Sometimes a bully, but he's sweet, too. Lays with his arm over my son's arm when he's on the laptop. Strangest relationship between cat and boy I've ever seen. Follows him like my son is "The Cat Whisperer"....

  • ChattyCats' Photo Gallery

    And this is Yoda, aptly named because when he was a kitten, his ears would go in separate directions, just like the Star Wars character! You can also see him on my "Shipping Options" with his "hair clips"...he's very tolerant of us, to say the least!

  • ChattyCats' Photo Gallery

    This is little Henry, whom I got for my mom in '97 after my dad died, and he came to live with us when my mom died... he's a treasure.

  • ChattyCats' Photo Gallery

    Sid showed up on our doorstep one day in Colorado and has been with us ever since. He was neglected, and seemed to like it at our house, so we kept him! He's our galoot...loving, and I think he may be a little slow, but we love him! Sadly, Sid went to sleep for the final time on June 1, 2011. We miss him madly, and will always be grateful for his patience with us. He was a gentle spirit and will always be a huge part of our best memories.