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Portland, Or, United States

Quick Blurb

Jewelry creator in Portland Oregon USA. Unique and Fashionable Jewelry for all occasions.


Polymer Clay,beads,jewelry,artistic design,Fashion,accessories,craft shows,

Skills and Techniques

I learn as I go and have been sculpting polymer clay for just about a year. I hand tie beading thread with beads. Use of leather cord is my new passion.

Get to Know

Hello, my name is Christina Kosinski and I the owner and creator here at Christina Kosinski Designs in Portland Oregon.

I love to make unusual pieces of jewelry using Polymer Clay, vintage beads and just about any piece of broken jewelry I can get my hands on.

My pieces are all one of a kind and very unique. I love that even though I may make something similar to another piece it always takes on it's own life.

I have a problem with a very short attention span and Jewelry is just different enough to hold my interest. I will work in a certain style for a few pieces and then move to something different. It's great for someone like me that is always changing and searching for new ideas.

I get inspiration everywhere and with everyone I talk to. I find myself looking at people wearing jewelry and get many ideas that way. So if you ever see me staring I'm not trying to be rude I'm just creating something for you in my head.

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