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sarasota, FL, United States

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Hello, I am Karen Krautter, the designer and sole proprietor of Class A.

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As a child my mother taught me to run a sewing machine, knit, embroidery and crochet along with cleaning a house, cooking, washing, etc. Well, since the last items are a given my favorite was learning to run a sewing machine. I have taken a few classes locally but for the most part I have taught myself by watching sewing programs, seminars, reading and, good old fashion, trial and error. I love glitz, seashore, swimming, walking the beaches, shelling, pretty colors, the unusual, variety, geisha girls, oriental, black, white, blue, tan, tribal prints, change, something new to look at, lots of things to see, traveling and all of these things show in my work. I always want to try something new and I am always open for suggestion. That is why when I say that I do special orders I don't limit my client to a certain style or a few certain materials. My client becomes the designer and what ever they can dream up is what I try to design for them.

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