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Quick Blurb

We Offer: Baskets,Bowls,Jewelry Dishes,Water Fountain Basins,Bird Feeders,

Night Lights,Interior Chandeliers.



I am a bit old-fashioned when it comes to my interests. I love my family, gardening, reading(when there is time), metal smithing, photography and my work. I love to take a piece of copper and turn it into a piece of Functional Art.


Skills and Techniques

I began this journey with a hammer and a punch. Punching holes into copper and making lights. As I expanded my product line, my knowledge also expanded. I taught myself how to manipulate the heat from my torch to flame paint. From there I decided to learn the art of bowl making. So I sat down with a round disk of copper and a hammer. Along the way I have learned how to wire multiple circuits on my large lamps, use paint guns for my clear coats, and most of all PATIENCE.


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Get to Know

I am a native Floridian and a third-generation metal craftsman.

From my father and grandfather, I learned that you can make metal do whatever you wanted it to do. Sometimes the metal needed persuading, but in the end it always worked out.

My mother and grandparents instilled in me a love of the arts and the knowledge that anything is possible if you work hard at it.

Through my wife & daughter, I have learned that love and patience is needed in all things.

When I began working with copper, all the lessons I've learned came into play.

I began making light fixtures with designs punched into the copper, the images the silhouetted from behind.

This past year I learned to create hand formed copper decor. It has led to many new opportunities

Recently we have joined an amazing group which provides the "Swag Bags" to celebrities at star studded events like the Espys, Golden Globes, Emmys and The Oscars.

We will be making contributions to

"The 2011 Prime Time Emmy Awards".

We are looking forward to taking part in several of these events in 2012.

Thank you and please take a moment to find us on Facebook.

Bio Photo Gallery

  • CopperSunsets' Photo Gallery

    This lamp was done as the entrance way for a horse ranch in N.C. My daughter is under the light to give scale to the size of the fixture.

  • CopperSunsets' Photo Gallery

    This is the lamp hung. All 100% made by hand. It features 5 bulbs. 3 interior and 2 isolated and copper tubes to illuminate the entranceway.

  • CopperSunsets' Photo Gallery

    This is the Bell tower of the Historic Union County Court House. It is located in Northern Ga.

  • CopperSunsets' Photo Gallery

    I take great pride in every lamp I build. In doing so I strive to capture every detail.