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Chicago, Ilinois, United States

Quick Blurb

I love creating and knowing that people will enjoy what I do.


Natural fibers: Thread, yarn, fabric, jute.Project Runway, crochet, knit, sew,

Skills and Techniques

Sewing by hand and on sewing machine, crocheting by hand, knitting by hand, hand quilting and writing.

Get to Know

Cornelia's Creative Corner is the result of many enjoyable years of inspiration in all of the areas ones hands can be involved. As a very young child in my family; my hands were immediately introduced items of inventiveness like pencils, pens, crayons or paint brushes; beads, boards, sticks, straws, cloth and paper. My teachers were plentiful starting with my extremely artistically gifted mother, Bernice. After a while of watching her create a bed spread from a thin string of yarn into squares that became one huge piece for my fathers homecoming from the Air Force; my mother placed between my fingers their first exposure the crochet hook and I formed and practiced the chain over and over until each element was uniform and I could move on to learn the many different crochet stitches. That gentle guidance has now for many years yielded creation after creation, but first supervised a baby blanket for my doll. Many years later, I created my own stack of crocheted squares that became a queen sized bedspread. The time I spent with my Aunt Classie who was known for her wardrobe and made it no secret that she created most of her attire on her old black Singer Sewing Machine, was very fruitful. In the year that I lived with her; she nurtured my creativity by allowing me to create items of my choice. And at fifteen years of age; I made my first formal dress to wear to a senior prom that year. At Aunt Clarice' house you could often find me sitting on the floor nearby her watching her hands work with knitting needles piercing in and out of yarn until it became something big like a winter coat that she sewed a fur collar onto. I remember it was a forest green and so the fur really stood out. I wanted to do that too and so she sat next to me guiding my hands as I cast on my first stitches and finally one day, years later, I was able to create a beautiful orange dress for Easter Sunday for my baby daughter with a rippled hem edge and flowers worked in stitch throughout I desired to learn and so taught myself a sewing technique that to my knowledge does not exist in my family and that was to quilt. Not by machine but by hand, stitch by stitch; and finally was able to create one for my first grand child. Garments and arts are not the only area of creativity that exists in my family. Early on I sat silently among the other children or sometimes around a corner in a hall or connected room, and listened to family stories passed down during gatherings. Learning from my mother, I easily also became an avid reader. Devouring a book a week and presenting a verbal summary on Sunday afternoons was mandatory in our home. And so my imagination was nurtured to such a level that very young I took pen in hand and began to write and a little later, to keep journals. That graduated to the keyboard of a typewriter which later became a computer. The production of poetry grew into short stories that have become books now flow through my collection of creativity to be published soon. But none have replaced the long practiced flow of word of mouth and the absolute adoration of story telling that was born from one age to the next. By the passing down through generations, every child in our family was afforded the opportunity to acquire some or all these gifts. Some of us developed a love for them and continued well into adulthood to create and share with those close to us; and to teach our children. This Ã??Ã+'Ã?,Ã,¢Ã??Ã,¢Ã?¢â,¬Ã...¢Ã?,Ã,¬Ã??âEUR¦Ã?¢â,¬Ã..."cornerÃ??Ã+'Ã?,Ã,¢Ã??Ã,¢Ã?¢â,¬Ã...¢Ã?,Ã,¬Ã??âEURÅ¢Ã?,Ã, now exist because of the creativity that flows through my life until it spills forth and takes on a life of its own becoming all of the things that I share here on CorneliaÃ??Ã+'Ã?,Ã,¢Ã??Ã,¢Ã?¢â,¬Ã...¢Ã?,Ã,¬Ã??Ã,¢Ã?¢â,¬Ã...¾Ã?,Ã,¢s Creative Corner with you. Some creations are inspired by dreams or just my picking up the medium used and starting, allowing the product to take form. Because of this, it is probable that no two items will be exactly alike. Other items are made from patterns but may be altered. I pray that you find something that appeals to you and becomes a permanent part of your life and that you return often to share in our available and ever growing products.

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