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JACKSON, WY, United States

Quick Blurb

I have moved on from Artfire. You can find my goods on Etsy. My shop name is Cozy. I am also Cozy on Zibbet.


knitting,crocheting,yarns,fabrics, quilting, photography,travel,blogging, exploring Wyoming, watching the elk and buffalo roam

Skills and Techniques

I knit and crochet. I also enjoy sewing and quilting and you may see those techniques in the shop sometime. Much of my crochet work is done on hemstitched items. This uses a machine that puts holes in the fabric and sews on each side of them. After doing this process you can then use crochet thread to create a decorative edge.

Get to Know

I have been crafting for as long as I can remember. The rhythm of stitches being created by crochet hooks or knitting needles and a bit of yarn has been a part of my life for more that 40 years.

It started with tearing strips and sewing them together to make rag rugs with my mother. Knitting basics were learned from a woman in my childhood neighborhood.

I feel good about carrying on traditions of filling my home with things that come from my own hands. I want others to have that same feeling even if they don't have the time or skills to do it themselves. That is why my shop is here!

Over the years I have tried tole painting, leather work and ceramics but I always come back to needlework as what I enjoy best. Along with crocheting and knitting, I learned tatting, needlepoint and quilting on my own.

I participated in craft show and festivals for a long time starting around 1980 until around 2006. I am happy now to have a place like Artfire among others online to show and sell what I make. Now there is no more setting up and tearing down. The shop is always open and you can browse anytime day or night.

As I work with each new project in crocheting, knitting or sewing I try learn and use a new technique to expand my skills, and yes, after so long I am still learning. I don't usually repeat an item more than a few times before I am on to learning and doing something new.

If you see something I made that you like (and I hope you do) get it while you have the chance because I may have already moved on to my next idea.

If you ever have any questions you can always email me at

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    I have been married to this guy for more than 35 years through Navy career and civilian jobs, raising kids in California and Utah, moving to Arizona and now to Wyoming. Looking forward to many more.

  • Cozy's Photo Gallery

    I live in a place where I have bison, elk, moose and deer wandering in the neighborhood and my own backyard. I see the Teton Mountains out of my windows. Being in such a place makes me smile everyday.

  • Cozy's Photo Gallery

    Knitting useful things for the home is one of my favorite things. These cotton cloths are something I use in my own home everyday. They are soft, absorbent and very long lasting. I have had some of my own for years.

  • Cozy's Photo Gallery

    I love knitting and wearing shawls. This one is so soft and it was my first sale here on Artfire. My least favorite part of making these shawls? Knotting the ends of each and every fringe but it helps it look better longer.