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Sherman, Texas, United States

Quick Blurb

Kelli, aka Creative Moon creates handcrafted treasures made with joy and love from seed, glass, wood, and natural stone beads


Jewelry, Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Beads, Seed, Glass, Wood, Polymer Clay, Natural Stone, Gemstones, Wire Wrapping, Knotting

Skills and Techniques

I love to make different styles of Jewelry, such as Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, and work with many varieties of beads such as Seed, Glass, Wood, Polymer Clay, and Natural Stones and Gemstones. I do Wire Wrapping, Knotting, and have been making my own Polymer Clay Beads.

Get to Know

I've mainly been two things my entire life:

1. Told that I "March to the beat of my own drum". I've literally been told that since Elementary School - They wrote that on my report card!!! And boy do I ever. I'm a free spirit! =)

2. Creative. I remember when I was a kid, my Mom had a couple of those big craft books and I was constantly going for that book finding the next thing I could make. And my favorite and best subjects in high school? Art, Music, and Drama.

So, I am a Creative Free Spirit! I go with the flow and let the world take me where I need to be. Right now, and for the foreseeable future, it's Jewelry Making! =) As I've grown older, I tend not to frit away from things as much. Point in case, I've run an Internet Radio Station now for the past 10 years. Albeit, not actively there for awhile, but it was still up and running and now I'm back to actively managing it again. What I'm trying to say is that while I may seem to flit around on the winds of my moods, there's always some incarnation or another around. In Jewelry Making, that could end up with endless possibilities - teaching, different styles, making beads, etc...

So, how did I decide on Jewelry Making? Well, as I said, I've always been creative. I remember back in high school, and yes, we won't mention how long ago that's been, me and my friends used to make friendship bracelets - in fact, I still have them and some embroidery floss that wasn't used up. In fact, one of my fondest memories is of us in Driver's Ed... we'd be sitting there in class with the end of our floss safety pinned to our shoes or pants and we'd be sitting there making bracelets. And when we were in the car, they'd be pinned to the back of the headrest (when we were in the backseat). It's really quite funny when I think back on it now. Don't worry though, I turned out to be quite the excellent driver. Anyhoo... over the years I've dabbled in creative projects of one kind or another. Many years back, a friend of a friend was doing some jewelry work, and wanted someone of the same "spirit" to hang out with and it was suggested we get together. And I got on the jewelry making bug once again. The friendship petered out when I moved, but the bug never really left.

Recently, I spent a big chunk of time being unemployed. I was laid off and I didn't have the right education or experience to find another job. At least until a couple of months ago. But, while I was unemployed and my prospects slim to none, I was getting desperate to figure out what I could do to help support my family, yet doing something I love. And then it hit me... I had a dream one night that I could make jewelry and sell it. It wouldn't be another internet marketing gimmick, it would be an actual tangible product, made by me, that I would sell directly to the consumer, all on my own terms, no one telling me what or how to do it. And so the idea blossomed from there. I started learning more and more about beading and stringing and wire work and polymer clay bead making, and knotting, and oh can you see where this is going? LOL I just keep learning more and more. And perfecting everything as I go along. If I've had a rough day, all I need to do is sit down and create something and it peps me right back up. So, what's thereaputic to me, is a beauty for you, in the way of a a beautifully handcrafted piece of jewelry.

I guess you can also see that I like to write. I can be quite verbose at times. I always like to give a back story to pieces that I make. I'm not a mass producer, I'm a "hey this mood hit, and I feel compelled to make this and there's usually a reason behind it" kinda gal. My pieces usually have a story. I'm glad I get to share my stories and my creative passion with everyone. It means a great deal to me. I hope you enjoy the pieces I make and the stories I share. If you have a story, and want me to create a piece based around it, let me know, I'm always up for doing custom work. In fact, I love it! =)

Thanks for stopping by, and if you've managed to read your way through this, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! You are wonderful and greatly appreciated! Oh, and SMILE!!! Someone always loves you! =)

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