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Silverdale, Washington, United States

Quick Blurb

Offering an eclectic collection of useful & unique jewelry, accessories, home decor and gifts for you, your family & friends!

Skills and Techniques

chainmaille, wire wrapping, braid, Korean knot, Celtic knot, kumihimo, polymer clay, on-loom & off-loom bead work, bead weaving

Get to Know

Once upon a time, back in 2008, I was going through some life changes and reinventing myself. I wanted a tourmaline bracelet and discovered my hair dresser also made jewelry for sale. I asked her if she would make me a bracelet if I purchased the beads and such. She said sure and told me of a local bead store in Silverdale, WA where I could find what I wanted.

I walked into the store and instantly was in awe. Oh the colors! Oh the shapes! Oh the textures! Oh the things I could do with all this!! Why don't I try and see what I can do? So I started looking and reading books. People kindly shared their knowledge of good materials to work with. I started discovering new techniques. And I was hooked!

Later that year, I transferred to Spain where I was finishing up my last two years of active duty Navy service. I chose an unaccompanied assignment so my children stayed in the U.S. The youngest both came for the first summer and for Christmas. I flew to Florida for my son's high school graduation and returned with my daughter for the final summer in Spain. My oldest son was unable to make it to visit. Maybe, some day, we will do a European vacation together.

With much time on my hands and an apartment on the beach, I explored my new found interest of working with beads. I would walk along the beach and pick up bits of this and that and natural sea glass. My landlord caught me one day and asked what I was doing. I told him I was picking up glass. He looked insulted. (They take VERY good care of their beaches in Spain.) I showed him my treasures and he asked what I did with them. I told him the next time I paid the rent money I could show him my work.

Later, when I was looking for particular beads, I met a local lady who had a small bead shop. She was sitting with some young ladies and showing them how to make jewelry. I asked her if I could show her some of my things. We set up a day and I came in. She liked some of my techniques and I liked some of hers. So we would get together and teach each other different styles of jewelry crafting.

So far I was only making jewelry for personal enjoyment. A friend found out I made jewelry and asked if I made men's jewelry. I said I probably could and asked what he was looking for. He has been trying to find a bracelet and wallet chain matching set, yet just could not seem to get exactly what he wanted. So I invited him over to look through my books to see if something caught his eye. If I could not do it, I would admit it. He came by and looked at my work and remarked that I could easily sell it. I asked if he said that because he was my friend or because he really meant it. He said the latter and it created a sparkâEUR¦maybeâEUR¦some day. His choice of what he wanted opened the door to my learning how to do chainmaille; a technique my oldest son had been working with for a while.

Long story shortâEUR¦I retired from the Navy in January 2011, have been finding my way back in the civilian world. I am attending school at Argosy University in Seattle working towards a MA in Counseling Psychology. I hope to work with veterans or maybe adolescents. I am now in a position where I can pursue my dream of earning a little money selling my CreativeXpressionS.

You will find I am eclectic in my tastes, techniques, and offerings. I feel every day is a celebration and we can find joy in the changing seasons, the many holidays and remembrances, and in discovering new purposes for the things we see. I invite you along on my continuing journey towards many CreativeXpressionS.