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Aztec, New Mexico, United States

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Custom Gem Cutter

Matt & CJ Dunkle

(505) 334 1875

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Skills and Techniques

Unique Artisan Jewelry & Custom Faceted Gemstones

Original Handwork Using Precious & Semi-precious Cut Gemstones, Rough Gemstones & Natural Materials.

This is the Official Jewelry website for "Gemstones by D.Sign. Phenakite is a Rare Collectors stone comes from Nigeria, Africa. Cut stones, rough & specimens,wire jewelry, artisan jewelry, Designer Jewelry,genuine gemstones & beads, unless specified.

35 years experience

Established in 2007

Get to Know

Hi, We are Matt & CJ of Custom Gem Cutter Creations, Custom Gem Cutter & Gemstones by D.Sign. We are located in New Mexico, USA and have many pieces of our work in local shops in Colorado & New Mexico. We have been in business since 2007, however, Matt has been custom hand cutting gemstones for over 33 years. Matt is a professional Gemstone Facetor and had many examples of his gemstone work published in Gems and Gemology Publication. We make handmade jewelry, cards, bags, and cut gemstones. we have a website that is linked to our ArtFire Shop.

Here we have listed our pricing for cutting gemstones. We also source gemstones, repair gemstones, and have direct mine sources.

For all our current listings,

please check our Custom Gem Cutter Creations studio

We have new designs weekly. So come in and check us out

And FREE SHIPPING for all USA Customers !

Feedback is appreciated as this venue is new for us!

Nice to be in ArtFire and happy to meet you all!


Matt & CJ Dunkle


Our Custom Gem Cutter Web Service:

Custom Gem Cutter

Matt A. Dunkle ~ Professional Facetor

Custom Cut Gemstones, Faceting Rough, Jewelry

Wire Wrapping & Cut Stone Repair

Custom Facet Cutting Services & Fees

We offer our cutting services to you. There are several variables in the cutting fees, however, the standard service is:

$85.00 per gemstone

$35.00 for each carat of finished stone weight

25% more for Fancy Cuts

25% more for difficult stone types (i.e. spodumenes, hackmanite, corrundum (sapphire, ruby), Columbian emeralds, etc.)

We strive to get the most from each and every stone we cut. You should expect a weight retention of about 20% to 35% on average for well shaped rough. Every stone is different, but we strive to give every stone our best.

Inner Shop Announcement

Welcome and thank you for shopping with us at Custom Gem Cutter Creations! Our company has been a trusted source for quality, handmade jewelry and expert advice for more than 5 years. Operated by Matt A. Dunkle of Aztec, New Mexico, USA.We've partnered with India Artisans from Gems n Jewels of Jaipur to bring you quality merchandise at a very affordable price.

Many of our items are in stock and available for immediate delivery. We're able to bring you many more items in just 3-4 weeks. ABOUT OUR ARTISANS Located in Jaipur, India (Gems n Jewels of Jaipur- Wholesales Jewelry) and Nigeria, Africa,(Masco Gems). Our artisans are some of the best at what they do. What makes our relationship so special is our artisans are independent crafters that hand make each one of your items. This allows each one of our partners a fair wage and higher standard of living, instead of low-paid and substandard factory working conditions.

We are NOW receiving stock of faceted Aquamarine deep blue! This is coming from our Partners in Africa, Masco Gems LTD, Nigeria/USA We will be carrying cut gemstones and rough gemstones in the USA.

And our New York Jewelry Designer, "Yemmy Made", who will be featuring many of these gems in her jewelry. We welcome them to our Partner Family!

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE We offer a 100% satisfaction return policy for 7 days.

All returned Items must be in original packaging and in exact same original condition.

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