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I love the mountains! The natural edge on my bowls reminds me of the rugged peaks of the Rockies and I try to turn very unique profiles to keep things interesting. My woodburnings feature subjects a little out of the ordinary, but still interesting. I will be adding more turnings and burnings in the months ahead, so check back often!

Skills and Techniques

Many of the bowls displayed here are unique, one of a kind pieces. Some of the species are a rare find that come to me at unpredictable times. Whenever I come across various, unique stock, I jump at the chance to turn something beautiful from it.

I currently do all of my turning on a Turncrafter Commander 12” Variable Speed Midi Lathe (converted to 14” capacity) available from Penn State Industries. My Pyrography is burned with a Razertip SS-D10 dual burner using various Razertip pens and is support during burning on my very own Rusty Copper Multi Axis Telescoping Easel, which is available for purchase here in my shop.

Get to Know

Hello and welcome to my shop which showcase a variety of the pieces I have turned and burned. A majority of the work shown here came from the back (or front) yards of various folks ranging from Michigan to Mississippi, Tennessee, and beyond. These logs which were once destined for the fireplace, or the landfill, have instead been turned into beautiful pieces of art, both functional and decorative. Wood has been used throughout the centuries to enrich our lives from building material to food service to art. The trees represented here include (but are not limited to) Red Oak, Pin Oak, Eastern Red Cedar, Mimosa, Magnolia, Pecan, Bradford Pear, and Black Walnut. The majority of these bowls were turned while the wood was still green, preserving the natural bark, giving each bowl a unique look very pleasing to the eye. Thank you for visiting my shop and I hope you enjoy looking around!

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