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Quick Blurb

I love to craft and create things. My latest is sewing and machine embroidery.


Machine Embroidery, Sewing, Chain maille, french beaded flowers, jewelry design, wire wrapping, beads, sparklies, polymer clay, crocheting, card making, quilling, papercrafts

Skills and Techniques

I grew up in a house that always did crafts. As a kid I was fascinated by sequins, beads and felt. Time went by and things changed, kids came and there was no time. After the kids got in school I started working at a craft store where the art of French Flower Beading was taught. I was hooked and I became addicted to working with seed beads. I then started working with seed beads on a loom. Of course the beads then got bigger and I started making jewelry. Now I love to sew and embroidery.

Get to Know

I love to create. Jewelry, Quilled cards and now I am pursuing my dream of sewing and embroidery. I love to say "this is handmade" and have a always been a craft artisan. I have few favorites though. Beadwork
Chain Maille
Polymer Clay
QUILLING - I have been quilling for about 7 years. I love to make cards and decorated mats for pictures. BEADWORK - I have been working with beads for 30 something years. I have always enjoyed working with seed beads and I started making Beaded flower arrangements after working at the Tortoise Shell in Idaho Falls, a shop that was owned by "Sam" Ellis. I keep exploring new things in jewelry and beadwork. I am now trying to focus on split loom necklaces (back to my seed beads). CHAIN MAILLE -I fell in love with chain maille several years ago. I have been learning new weaves in chain maille but my favorite weave is the Byzantine weave. POLYMER CLAY - This in my new interested. It is amazing what can be done with polymer clay. Someday I will be good enough to show my creations.