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Apex, NC, United States

Quick Blurb

I'm a mad crafter. I'm always getting into something! :)


nature, simple living, crocheting, sewing, creating, create, self made, handmade, handcraft

Skills and Techniques

I am a Jill of All Trades. I love to mix techniques from different crafts to create something unusual. I not only crochet and bead but I can paint and sew. But I'm loving the crochet right now. The Guild of Good Lucks Owls are so fun to make.

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http://www.designingimpressions.… http://www.designingimpressions.……

Get to Know

I've always crafted something or other since I was a kid. I think the first thing I learned was crochet then macrame and sewing. I still work these crafts but have since added many other things. There's not a spot in or around my home that doesn't have something that I've painted, repurposed, upholstered or otherwise made mine. Five years ago, shortly after I made a huge dragonfly for my garden out of 6AWG copper I saw an ad for jewelry making. I applied. The owners were skeptical that I could wirewrap. First try and I was hired. I've been making jewelry ever since. Since that time I've experimented with all kinds of styles and techniques. I like mixing the techniques and using uncommon items to create my own style. Recently I transitioned from beaded jewelry to crochet accessories to the delight of my local customers. I'm having lots of fun creating the owls for the Guild of Good Luck Owls. I create each set of eyes and beak individually. I think that give them a happy, friendly look, don't you?

Bio Photo Gallery

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    A collage of my booth I use at local NC craft fairs.

  • DesigningImpressions' Photo Gallery

    This was a runner I made for my mother in law.

  • DesigningImpressions' Photo Gallery

    At one time I was making hypertufa yard art. This guy still keeps watch over my garden.

  • DesigningImpressions' Photo Gallery

    My daughter wanted to have a Dr. Who birthday party. This was her toclafane pinata.