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Katy, Texas, United States

Quick Blurb

Jewlery making is one of my passions as well as baking, animals and gardening. Making jewelry is therapeutic and relaxing. I


making jewlery, baking, animals, chocolate, dog lover,gardening,chunky necklaces, turquoise, magnesite, crosses, handmade crosses, western necklaces, lampwork beads,,

Skills and Techniques

I love to make handmade crosses with a metal cross base and then express myself with chunky turquoise, jasper, crystals, whatever I desire.

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http://www.designsoffaithandjoy.…… http://eveshomedecorgifts.storen…

Get to Know

I began making jewelry February of 2009 something I never even thought or dreamed of. I was a vendor in a craft mall and there was alot of competition. As much as my commercial jewlery was flying out the door I needed an edge. I gathered my confidence and attempted to start making jewlery with big chunky turquoise since I am so attracted to it. I kept visiting bead stores and the beads looked like candy which enticed me to be creative. The findings were really catching my eye so I began buying everything that appealed to me not having a clue. I am self taught. I relate this experience as wanting to cook something yummy, going to grocery store without a recipe and buying whatever excites you to make something yummy but don't know how the pieces will fall or even if they will go. My love of crosses has inspired me with my jewlery, hence the name. I decided to try the internet for larger exposure along with craft shows and home shows. Because I do not like monotony my jewelry is one of a kind. There will always be changes, some major, in all I make.

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    Rambo, my German Shepherd

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    Baby barn swallows that nested at my home

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    One of my favorite necklaces that sold