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Manchester, New Hampshire, United States

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I'm a teen girl who loves crafting & am working to save for my college and car fund now while I still have plenty of time!


beading, painting, drawing, doing agility with my dog

Skills and Techniques

Painting, drawing, crafts...

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I'm a teen girl who loves crafting. When I asked my mom if she had any ideas of how I could earn money for my college and car funds since I'm not yet sixteen and can't get a job, she suggested that my crafts might be of interest to others and said she'd help me open my own store.

So now, I spend my spare time making crafts and sharing them with you! I hope you enjoy what I have for sale.

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    I love this particular bracelet. It has sentimental value to me, because it was the very first stitched bracelet I ever made. I didn't want to sell it, due to its loosened threads, but I thought I might share it with you to enjoy.

  • DistinctivelyDD's Photo Gallery

    This bracelet was going to be a gift to a friend, but unfortunately the clasp on the end snapped, and I had no replacement.