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North Fort Myers, Fl, United States

Quick Blurb

Most folks call me Christi or Chris,I started doing digital fractals due to a show at EBSQ about a year ago then kinda got ho


I do have a lot of interests,Also live in the best place to be outside to enjoy a lot.I love to fish and go spend the day out and just explore.I love animals of all kinds i have six chichihua which love the warn weather here. even like bugs and lizards th

Skills and Techniques

Well i use brushes i have had for years,i hate to give up a favorite one.I also did tole craft painting for about ten years,and i do paint a little differently now, kind of hard to explain but i will find myself double or triple loading my brush with paint sometimes.

Get to Know

My full name is Christine Schwartzkopf.I live.I was born in Wilmington,Ohio to many years ago to count.I live in Florida now,After getting stuck in Indiana for over thirty five years.I guess i've been doing some form of art most of my life.My older sister is an artist and i use to get in trouble for getting in her oil paints then finally she started giving me some lessons when i was twelve,that's when i did first painting.As of now i work at home,turned extra bedroom into my area.I have worked with several different kinds of things over the year's.I've tried water colors,colored pencils,i had a nice run with digital fractals for a while but missed painting on canvas now i use acrylic paint.Had a pretty long dry spell after my mothers death but now i have to get back into it.Living in Florida,there is so much beauty here always flowers every where beautiful trees and the ocean.I am divorced now after twenty-eight years and trying to live on a fixed income,i'm disabled so i have a lot of time to paint.I hope you all like some of my paintings am going to be adding different things all the time.I am still a member of EBSQ they have helped me so much.Who knows maybe some day i will have an actual studio.So drop in and look around Christi