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Been creating jewelry for 6 yrs, mostly stringing. Will soon be uploading my latest work; metalsmithing, wirework, PMC, et al


Creating all kinds and styles of jewelry. Love detailed work, reading, writing, & learning new things everyday. I'm an aesthetic person and enjoy expressing myself thru art. I also love new technology and innovations.

Skills and Techniques

Stringing, Wire wrapping, Wire weaving, wire texturing, Basic Polymer Clay, Color Design, Oxidizing, Metalsmithing to include; stamping, PMC, resin, enamel, Bronze Clay, and very detail oriented. MORE MIXED MEDIA to come soon!!!!

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Get to Know

I'm a former RN but can no longer work in my profession due to prior injuries. Also a breast cancer survivor approaching 8 years as I open this studio, which is how I became a jewelry artisan - from buying a handmade BC Awareness watch on eBay. That watch inspired me to now do what I absolutely love. Create and express myself thru jewelry. I started out simply stringing necklaces, bracelets, earrings and watches which I'd wear myself and my former patients would end up asking me to create something, for them. My love of designing has branched out and brought me to the desire and plans to create pieces with Polymer Clay, Precious Metal Clay, and metalsmithing (to include cold connections, stamping, etc) and also torch firing with enamels and soldering. My tastes and styles vary so much I couldn't ever fall into one or two categories. What I create is eclectic, which reflects all aspects of my interests and what I enjoy in life. In Eclectica Jewelry you'll find the finest crystals, gemstones, wire art, glass & lampwork beads used in a myriad of designs for all personalities and occasions.

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    The International Organization for. Self-Representing Artists in Jewelry Design. As with purchasing Lampwork beads, look for a logo such as this for assurance that your purchase is, indeed, created by a jewelry artisan and is NOT mass produced. I am very proud to be a member of this organization!