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Newport News, VA, United States

Quick Blurb

Welcome to Elegance and Sparkles! Find your treasure here. Contact me if you have any questions. Custom orders are welcome!


chain maille, wire wrapping, wire weaving, gemstones, artisan lampwork, seed beads,

Skills and Techniques

Metalsmithing, Soldering, Forging, Chain Maille, Wire Wrapping, Wire Weaving, Seed Bead Embroidery, Seed Bead Weaving, Design.

Get to Know

Color! It's all about the color. I started making jewelry about 15 years ago when I saw a netted decoration and figured that I could make one like it. I taught myself to replicate it and the jewelry making bug bit. I started off by following patterns in books and magazines and soon that was not enough. I wanted to design my own jewelry. That is where the color came in. I have not yet met a color that I don't like. My inspiration is usually found in the beads themselves, it may be one, or how they interact together. Nature provides an ever wonderful palette and it amazing what it can put together. I put a lot of myself and my passion into each piece I make. I am continually learning and exploring different jewelry making techniques. Only the highest standards are acceptable to me, and that is what I present to the world.
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