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Framingham, MA, United States

Quick Blurb

I've always worked in theater and the art world. I think of jewelry and crafting as just another outlet for my creativity.


jewelry, beads, beading, paper making, paper crafts

Skills and Techniques

I specialize in beadwork & handmade paper, with a smattering of general craftyness and painting thrown in for good measure.

Get to Know

EmJay Designs is the online store for Mickey Johnson's jewelry and crafts. Mickey (aka M.J. aka EmJay) grew up in Chicago, went to college in Pittsburgh, and has lived in many varied places from Washington, DC to Seattle, Washington. As a professional theater properties artist, scenic painter, and stage technician, Mickey has come across many fun and interesting ways to put her naturally crafty skills and her creative sensibilities to good use. Designing jewelry and crafts to sell on ArtFire is just another outlet for her creativity and energy.

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