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Port Orchard, WA, United States

Quick Blurb

Agates & Jasper mined, cut, shaped, polished and drilled by two sisters whose love of nature became a lapidary business.


Agates, Jaspers, Pendants, Jewelry, Freshwater pearls, necklaces, stones, beach rock, lapidary, polished rock, centerpiece

Skills and Techniques

Agates & Jaspers are first mined, then cut into slabs in our garage using a diamond blade in water - since we prefer a free-form shape, we then draw on the slabs, usually following a pattern or design in the stone. Then the shapes are cut on the diamond saw. If they're too soft to tumble, we use the flat lap to grind them to a polish. Otherwise they're loaded into one of two large rotary tumblers where water and grit are added. They'll tumble 24/7 for 7-14 days, then cleaned and inspected. Then the grit is recharged and they spin again for 7-14 days. Lather, rinse, repeat for a total of between 4-8 weeks (sometimes longer) until a good shine is achieved. We then examine the stones and determine where best to drill for the bail, using a diamond bit and water. Then the pendants are either sold as is, or strung with all-natural freshwater pearls and sold as finished jewelry.

Get to Know

Fable's is two sisters, Cynthia & Kristine, who turned a love of beach-combing and rocks into a hobby business. Our work can be seen annually at the Poulsbo Art Fair in Washington State ever August. Working in our garage, we've learned to appreciate the astounding beauty of mother nature, and never try to one-up her work. Preferring the free-form shape to the standard oval cabachon, we first slab the rock, then let the design and our own whimsy dictate the shapes we'll cut. Then stones are piled in to 2 large rotary tumblers that run 24/7 for 4-8 weeks with weekly cleaning inbetween. Some stones are polished on the flat lap, finishing up in a day when they're too soft for the tumblers. When polished, we drill the tops, add a bail, and either sell them as is - or string them with all-natural freshwater pearls.

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