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Cuba, NY, United States

Skills and Techniques

I am a fiber artist, creating one-of-a-kind items with the ancient art of felting. I use various wet and needle felting techniques, with wool as my primary fiber, often with other fibers and materials integrated into a piece.

Get to Know

In my younger years my first creative vents were poetry and sewing. I would save up my weekly allowance and purchase fabric and patterns to make my own clothes for school. The very first sewing project that I decided upon (outside of my home economics class), was so difficult, a Butterick pattern, and I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. It was a shirt dress, with cuffs, buttonholes, set-in sleeves, yoke, collar, pleats, waistband, oh my! I learned quick! I'm left handed, but my right handed Mom was able to teach me to crochet.

I moved on to adulthood making clothes for my three children. I dabbled with needlepoint and cross stitch some. The Cabbage Patch Doll craze arrived, and all three of my little ones were lucky enough to get one, but then a friend introduced me to a pattern to make the doll, and I made some, gave some away(I hope they still have them!), and I have my original, which looked a bit awkward, the head was elongated, and one other, that I won't let go of. One is actually my daughter's doll, which I'm keeping it safe for her. Perhaps they will be passed down to my granddaughters one day.

My daughter, Veronica, started baton twirling in second grade, so I was quite involved in costume making for many years. Those years were filled with many wonderful experiences that we both have fond memories of.

I went for a number of years before I started felting, after my three children became 'grown-ups'. I was between jobs, and saw a felting demo on a talk show, during which a felting artist showed her felted boot style slippers and how they were made (wish I could remember her name!). I ordered a pair, and fell in love with the art as soon as I received them. I started researching like crazy, and began playing around with it. I found a shop that sold the wool, and attended a hat on a ball workshop. And thank you Linda at Raveloe Fibers for all of your help! My first projects were all done with the wet felting process (hats, purses, table runners, bowls, coasters, etc.) Eventually I worked my way into needle felting, so now I do both, and truly enjoy it all.

I find felting to be exercise for the mind and the body, and I love having an idea, and seeing the end results. Felting is so creative, and wool can be so unpredictable and predictable at the same time. So much fun!

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