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Ambrose, GA, United States


Al loves wood working of all kinds from being a master cabinet builder to being a fantastic self taught woodturner. I love crocheting just about anything but then i started woodburning and i have been obsessed with it since i first time i picked up a burning tool!! We want to be able to live together, work together, and create these amazing pieces of art together all while doing it with the love for each other and our love and appreciation of handmade one of a kind items. Getting to share them with you is just a blessed bonus!.

Skills and Techniques

Al: wood working of all kinds, including but not limited to master cabinet building, self taught woodturning. He takes a piece of wood that looks like it isnt good for any thing and stabilizes it and then puts it on his lathe and turns it into a piece of spectacular art. He makes the custom frames for all of my framed wood burnings from cutting the boards to assembling the frames, staining and lacquering them. He does all of the finishing on my wood burnings including sealing and lacquering them. He also makes all of my plaques that i burn on and cuts them to my desired size, sands them and then routes the edges. Without him i could not accomplish the amount of beauty that he adds to my wood burnings.
Pam: (Thats me) I have crocheted since i was 10 years old after my grandmother taught me the very basic stitches. I made some blankets with my moms help. I have learned a little more through the years and after 45 years of learning I am still learning more! I can crochet just about anything just from looking at a picture. I take pride in every stitch making sure every one is as perfect as it can be. I started wood burning just an amazingly short time ago. I ordered my first wood burning kit at the end of June 2020! I don't think i have put it down since! I have discovered a talent i had inside of me that i never knew was there. I literally amaze myself with some of my burnings! I cant believe that i can actually do those burnings so beautifully..well in my eyes anyways. But, yes, i am very proud of trying something i had always wanted to try since i was young and at the age of 54 my husband pushed me to try it and I did and I absolutely love it! I hope you see the joy and pride i take in every picture i make!

Get to Know

My husband and I created this store so we could share our love for creating beautiful things with the world. We both love wood so it has been a very natural thing for us since he loves to make things from wood and then i started wood burning. I also crochet so it gives us another aspect to our products other than just wood. That's where the name Forever Sawdust N Stitches came from. We work together on most of our products. We work out of our home so we are usually together 24/7. We love working , living and loving together. We hope you enjoy our love in our work !

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