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golf, gardening, cycling, travel and spectator sports

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The artisan jewellery creations of Toronto designer Anna Lee Husband are inspired by unusual colourful gemstone specimens and often feature advanced wirework techniques. Sophisticated and sleek, Gahooletree pieces are completely handmade and one of a kind. This exquisite heirloom quality collection is lifetime guaranteed to bring decades of joy to the wearer. The artist has been crafting wearable gemstone artwork since her youth. An entrepreneur, writer, devoted wife/mother, Anna Lee has an Hons.BBA ( Wilfrid Laurier University ) and several professional designations. _________________Welcome! I'm Anna Lee the designer behind the Ga'HooleTree brand. My one of a kind artisan jewelry is 100% handmade in Toronto by myself.

I've been a fan of gemology for decades. The journey apparently began for me as a pebble pup toddler who *always* filled her pockets with all the shiny stones she could find. I began tumble polishing rocks at the age of nine. Back then I was really passionate about rocks, minerals & gemstones and not much has changed in that respect over the past few decades.

I'm still an ardent rock collector... and from time to time I liquidate some of my treasures.

And I have even more artisan jewelry for sale here in a shop called AnnaLee (

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    Email for details or quotes on mens/unisex rosary necklaces and Catholic rosaries. My complete rosary collection is available at

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    Looking for honest talk about genuine gemstone supplies? My studio overstock is available for purchase at I have thousands of items not listed online yet so please email if you're looking for something specific.

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    All of my designs are customizable to meet your requirements. I have most popular gemstones on hand. Email for a quote.