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Obviously I love to paint but also enjoy drawing and making jewelry. If possible, you'll find me outdoors painting on my porch or experimenting with a new craft or painting technique. I'd rather be outside any day, well except when its 95 or 35 degrees, and try to spend time there everyday. I also love cooking and hanging out with my husband and children!

Skills and Techniques

I paint with acrylic and goauche paints and I like my paints thick! I don't use much water in my paintings and I only rinse my brush if absolutely necessary. I find that all kinds of surprises and effects appear on my canvas when I paint wet on wet and mix directly on the canvas! Once a painting is complete that I plan to reproduce and use on a product, it is either scanned or photographed and the digital file is sent to the vendor who will print it! Voila!

Get to Know

Hi! I'm Gerri, an artist who paints with bright and vibrant colors, creating designs like sea creatures, flowers, birds and lots more. I reproduce my whimsical art on lovely gift and decorative items for your home. I've been in business for 12+ years so I am experienced in working with my customers and adding new designs and products that they request and love. Some of the products you'll find in my shop are flour sack towels, placemats, pillows, wood signs, canvas tote bags and a whole lot more. Happy shopping and thanks for visiting Gift and Home by Gerri !

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