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Denver, Colorado, United States


porcupine quills, quill jewelry, horsehair jewelry, bead weaving, bead embroidery,

Skills and Techniques

Seed bead weaving and bead embroidery and working with horsehair and porcupine quills.

Find me online @: http://goodquillhunting.wordpres…… http://goodquillhunting.devianta…

Get to Know

Being unique in concept is the inspiration behind Good Quill Hunting. Tucked away in the corner of the United States, Maine is where I live and work.Maine is 'a way of life' and is chock full of unique artisans, so finding a 'niche' is a challenge! We happen to have the good fortune of having porcupines up here. I decided to use this resource to my benefit for creating my unique jewelry designs and incorporating Native American influence. Creating this jewelry is delicate work and I hope the results are as outstanding to you, as they were fun to create! In working with jewelry, I have also developed a love for intricate work with beads. This website incorporates all of the above to bring you the very finest heirloom quality work. Enjoy!

Although I have recently moved to Colorado, they have porcupines here to go on a Colorado quill hunt!

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