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Mt Barker, South Australia, Australia

Quick Blurb

I decided the time was right to share some of my hoard... so enjoy.


Beads... beads.... and more beads!

Skills and Techniques

Many varied skills, mostly involving the creation of jewellery.

Find me online @:

http://HaffinaCreations.artfire.… http://BeadsByHaffina.artfire.co… http://HaffinasMinis.artfire.com http://www.HaffinaCreations.com

Get to Know

This is a new studio set up by me specifically to destash some of my growing hoard of beads. As an artisan we grow and progress and take new paths. This sometimes results in items that we no longer have a use for. When this time comes it makes sense to offer them up to those who have a use for them.

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  • HaffinasHoard's Photo Gallery

    More Beads

  • HaffinasHoard's Photo Gallery

    Yes, more beads

  • HaffinasHoard's Photo Gallery