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Hallsville, MO, United States

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My name is Tracy and I am a self-taught jewelry artist residing in Hallsville, MO with my husband Steve, 9 year old son Jacob, 2 cats and my constant shadow a beautiful German Shepherd named Bella.

I started making jewelry 8 years ago and graduated to working with metal 5 years ago. My primary focus is in copper metalwork and chainmaille. I enjoy taking basic sheet metal and wire and turning it into wearable art.

Working with copper gives me an ever changing canvas of color possibilities. From bright and vibrant shades of reds and purples to rich gunmetal and chocolate colors to gorgeous blues and greens the range allows for lots of different looks.

Each and every component is made entirely from scratch unless otherwise noted.

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    My workbench

  • HarmonyInMetal's Photo Gallery

    One of my all time favorite pieces. I was given the copper roofing off of an old shed and I made this for the man's wife using the reclaimed metal as a thank you.

  • HarmonyInMetal's Photo Gallery

    Bella posing for the camera.