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St. Thomas, PA, United States

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From a young age I loved goats! I was able to enjoy a small herd in our backyard barnyard which eventually became know as Bloomin' Barnyard. Whether buying goats or selling goats, feeding goats or milking goats, breeding goats or delivering kids, I found it exciting and fulfilling. Over the years several different breeds joined our backyard. The Nubian's with their long floppy ears gave rich, creamy milk. I liked the Oberhasli breed for their docile temperament and abundance of sweet tasting milk. The Nigerian Dwarf breed is the most recent addition. Their size is perfect for our Bloomin' Barnyard. From Thistle and Sage to Daisy, Jasmine and Sweet Pea, each of the kids are named after a flower or plant and the barnyard continues to bloom!

The abundance of milk from Bloomin' Barnyard inspired my journey to soap making. Initially I experimented with ice cream, yogurt, kefir, and a variety of cheeses to include colby, cheddar, feta, cottage cheese and egg cheese. Eventually, I became curious about soap making. I began reading anything I could find on the subject of goat milk soap. There was so-o much to learn! Where is the best place to purchase ingredients? What should I use for molds? How should I cut and wrap my soap? How long does it need to cure? Should I try to market my soap, make it just for fun-or both? :-) Once my curiosity was satisfied, I set out to purchase the ingredients and a few basic tools like a digital scales, stick blender, large stainless steel bowl, spoons, molds and a small, basic soap cutter. My soap making adventure had begun! As I continued to learn the value of using natural and organic ingredients, I became interested in creating other natural skin products. Family and friends were helpful with testing and evaluating my products and customer requests encouraged new products and scents. Today I continue what I enjoy . . . learning of God's wonderful gifts to us, creating new products as He inspires and trusting Him to bless others for His glory.