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Sagle, Idaho, United States

Quick Blurb

Art has always been a part of who I am. I love creative expresion in various forms. Creativity can be found just about anywhe


My interest are all areas of self expresion. I love to paint, draw, chalk, garden, write, cook... I am not limited in any one area and find creativity in most everything I do.

Skills and Techniques

While clasically trained, folk art is my great love! I grew up the daughter of a house painter. there were buckets of paint just wating for my little fingers. I never had traditional paint and loved the feel of the thick latex. I still use latex housepaint for my paintings. I love that it is durable, wsshable and can withstand outdoor display. I also like the price, I can get an entire gallon for cheap cheap!!!

Get to Know

About the Artist:
So what can I tell you about me? I can simply say I love art. I have done many styles of work...commercial and graphic, sculpture, oils etc... I really do not have a favorite or a signature style. I think art is an evolution of self and refuse to get stuck in one medium or one style. Lately my biggest influence has been my time spent with the hill folks of the Ozarks. Seeing the simple, unassuming way of life inspired much of what I am doing now.

While I enjoyed doing graphic and commercial art, it felt as if I was continually creating works from the heart of others. I am finally to a place where the art is a part of me. I gather ideas and inspiration from my soul. I paint whatever strikes me. I find often times I am trying to force a piece and not matter how I try it is just not working. That is when I step back, take a deep breath (and in light of sounding like a nut) talk to the wood and see just what it would like to be. Oddly after I do this, something will naturally evolve, and seem to flow from hand to brush to wood, without effort. I believe the thinking gets in the way all too often with artists.

Like most artists, I have won awards and acclaims, but this is not why I paint. I paint as a meditation, a relaxation and expression of self, of raw, unfiltered emotion. While the work I am doing more recently is childish and whimsical at first glance a closer look reveals the heart. Subject matter and choice of canvas hark to simpler way of life. Perhaps this art is a yearning of spirit to a simpler time, when life hummed slowly, and a frenzied, techno pace did not exist.

I have never been happier with where I am headed creatively. I hope my devotion shows through on my pieces. I know it makes me smile when I paint them and hope they bring a smile to your face as well.

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