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Fayetteville, GA, United States

Quick Blurb

Earthy, bluesy, eclectic and unique! The ceramic art of Janet McGregor Dunn is one-of-a-kind, never repeated.


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Skills and Techniques

More work at Most of my work is hand built, however some wheel thrown parts are incorporated. I also like to include \"found\" items from nature and other natural additions such as fabric, paper, etc. I rarely, if ever, make anything twice (I have some business card holders that I repeat, that\'s about it for doing something twice!). I love texture and enjoy using natural items to add character to my pieces. To find out more about my art visit, join me on Twitter: @hhpotterystudio, or read my blog: I\'m on Facebook, too (Janet McGregor Dunn Hummingbird)... look for my Hummingbird Hollow fan page.

Get to Know

Janet McGregor Dunn quips that sooner or later her \"blood will turn the color of clay\". Her enthusiasm for creating her interesting and eclectic pottery is obvious. She discovered her love for working with clay approximately 15 years ago after a lifetime of drawing, painting with oils and acrylics, and multi-media crafting.

She noted, \"Clay allows me to incorporate all the various mediums I enjoy. I knew when I put my fingers in that first block of clay and began forming it that I had found \'my\' perfect media.\"

Her work is earthy, bluesy, and each piece is \"unique, never to be repeated\". The majority of her clay art is handbuilt allowing her to experiment extensively with textures and glaze techniques. Music is an integral part of her life and many pieces are created with a musical theme in mind. She also brings nature into much of her work, adding straw, rocks, leaves or other found items from the wood surrounding her studio in Fayette County.