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Springfield, IL, United States

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Mother of 4 and jewelry artist for 20 years and counting.


Chainmaille, metalsmithing, jewelry making, history, family, pets

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Welcome to Iced Adornments Jewelry!

My name is Elizabeth. I'm the mother of 4 children, 2 are teens and 2 are toddlers. I began making jewelry many moons ago when I was just a teen myself. Further back it you want to count tying dandelions and violets together to make necklaces and bracelets. I started out on a bead loom picked up at a big box store and it went on from there.

Since those days, I added to my skills. Stringing, beadweaving, wire wrapping, and now I am beginning to delve into metal work, metalsmithing and chain maille. I love jewelry.I look at jewelry as icing for ourselves. A cake isn't decorating without it's icing, and we aren't decorated without our jewelry. I love working the different mediums, using different materials, and of course the stones.

The store is small right now, but as time goes on I will be adding more and more items. My goal is to offer a little of something for everyone. from the classic and elegant pieces you might wear out on an anniversary date, to the fun and funky that looks great with blue jeans and a t-shirt.