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Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

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Exquisite gemstone jewelry to brighten your day and illuminate an evening


Travel, art, gemstones, reading

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Jewelry design and creation


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Il Mare Atelier was born from my love of art and discovery of gemstones as a medium. Celebrating the colors, textures and shapes from Mother Nature, I design my collections for the lady who prefers the thoughtfulness of an artisan's touch to off-the-peg design and wants to discover something unique to call her own.

I seldom start with a firm idea of what my final design will be, often drawing inspiration from all around me, be it the aesthetics of a cobalt blue tiled garden, beautiful lines in a poem or prose, or the random weave of a fabric. The color and shape of the gemstones guide my hands as I bring all the elements together in a balanced composition.

As the sole artist in my studio, I carry out every step of the creative process, from purchasing materials, planning and executing a design, taking pictures, writing descriptions, updating my blog to pricing, packing and shipping jewelry.

I am a firm believer that great workmanship is of paramount importance to style, which means paying meticulous attention to the tiniest detail. And I take a special pride in the materials I use, always searching for the finest quality gemstones and durable materials.

In the course of my creative journey, I have gained the friendship of many fellow artists and customers and their growing encouragement has kept me going. It has been a pleasure and honor for my work to be featured on:

~ Great Finds
~ The Other Loft
~ World Artisan Gems ( )
~ The Bright Side Project ( )
~ Indiespotting
~ Shortcuts to Fabulous
~ Designspotter
~ Cuteable ( )
~ HandmadeNews ( )

The meaning of "Il Mare Atelier" - "Il Mare" means "the sea" in Italian, with waters shimmering in an array of hues, from the blue of the deep sea to lighter azzurro, pale sea green and brilliant emerald. "Atelier" means "workshop" in French. Put together, they mean "Studio by the Sea", perfectly apt for the tiny tropical island that I live on.

Thank you for taking an interest in my art. Do visit my Gallery for to browse past sold pieces. If you find something that appeals to you and need any customisation or adjustment, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via the "CONTACT SELLER" button.

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    Recognition for my work - Midsummer Night Earrings was featured in Handmade News.

  • Ilmare's Photo Gallery

    Bespoke piece with birthstones - a collection of memories

  • Ilmare's Photo Gallery

    Petite Violets Earrings - featured on Cuteable and now a precious memory to a grandmother of her lovely granddaughters.

  • Ilmare's Photo Gallery

    In honor of a blessed couple's 40th wedding anniversary