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San Diego, CA, United States

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Welcome to my wonderful InspiringCreation Studio. Right now, I have Mother's Day Special-- 40%off of your total bill.


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Skills and Techniques

Wire work,steady hands, use graphic design skills to pick colors and shapes, Adobe Photoshop CS4 creating banners and avatars, etc.

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Get to Know

I grow up with artistic environment. I remember having fun repainting our house with my dad when I was young. My mom always made school uniforms for me (we didn't go out and buy). My aunt is a Thai traditional dancing teacher and she is also a good singer. We always created some sort of art forms which I always enjoyed experiencing it. <br /><br /> <br /><br /> My inspiration never got away from me. I think art keeps me in the center peace. I got into beading when I still lived in Thailand (2005 - 2007). I had so much time until beading became my interest. I started to buy books, basic supplies and designed some bead jewelry. It was funny thinking about back when I was using some sorts of imitation gemstone beads which made of plastic or glass. however I got great beading books to follow. I've never stopped trying something new. Beading has become a serious deal for me as time goes by. I came back to the U.S. (2008) and started using semiprecious stones. I have done more researches, online, books and going to Gem Fair or beading stores. Luckily, San Diego has a couple beading supply stores. Anyway, Sometimes, any ideas can come up in my head and I always have to get my hands down on the project right away if I could. Most of my pieces are unique and playful with colors and shapes. <br /> <br /> Please feel relaxed and enjoy browsing my handmade jewelry designs. Most of my pieces have no shipping cost (within the US).

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    Wire Wrapping, one of my loving technique that enhance the beauty and quality of my work.

  • InspiringCreation's Photo Gallery

    I love hoop earrings. This style brings out the charm of the person wearing.

  • InspiringCreation's Photo Gallery

    Banner creation is also my loving hobby. I love working with many artists to get their favorite banner for their wonderful studios. See my work in the Gallery.