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Coleman, Texas, United States

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My name is Jim, I'm a retired paramedic who enjoys working in my shop


woodworking, prospecting

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My name is Jim. I'm a retired Paramedic (22 years in the business end of an ambulance) Trying to devote more time to my shop. Before I retired I learned on every call as everyone was different and the same applies to my woodworking where I also learn a few lessons daily as every piece of wood is also different. Nearly all of my material comes from trees that were removed for various reasons and very little is bought commercially. Between a chainsaw saw mill and my band saw I produce the majority of my material. The photo is myself and a friend working at one of my hobbies just outside of Tres Piedras, NM

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    This is Doobie, she thinks I belong to her, doing a last inspection on a goblet

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    Hovercraft. Hey, it's handmade and will lift about 400lbs using a leafblower