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Bend, OR, United States

Quick Blurb

We are Nick Rusnov (Panphage Pangenetor) and Bonnie Rubio (Arsenical Capra). We make art and other cool stuff.


rapid prototyping, crocheting, fiber, spinning, natural materials, design, graphics, Aesthetic Photography, Discordianism, wierdness and weirdness, sustainable agriculture, Technoprimitivism, aesthetics, functional arts and crafts, skulls skulls skulls!

Skills and Techniques

cleverness, aesthetic drive, vectors, carpentry (especially hammering), metal working (especially hammering), thinking in five dimensions, obsessive researching and development, perfectionism, historiophilia, ersatz engineering, Gimp, Inkscape, Ponoko, computers, hammers, glue, logical designing, mechanical know-how, making up words, reading, comprehension

Get to Know

Janua Inferni Studios is the shared home of Nick Rusnov (Panphage Pangenetor) and Bonnie Rubio (Arsenical Capra).