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River Philip, Nova Scotia, Canada

Quick Blurb

I'm an artisan with many interests and muses. Everything in my shop is 100% handmade by me!


Bead work, Polymer clay crafts, knitting, painting, cross stitch, design, photography, graphic arts, music, jewelry making, Fiber arts, culinary arts, writing.

Skills and Techniques

I am self taught in all my crafting. I'll try my hand at any technique, given the right materials and a bit of documentation.

Get to Know

I live in Nova Scotia, on my own little bit of land in the forest. My very supportive husband and I share our tiny cottage with our two dogs. An assortment of chickens and very noisy peacocks can usually be seen hanging out on the porch railing.

I am a creative soul, always doing something with my hands or my mind. I can't remember a time when I didn't make things. My adolescent years were marked with countless hours dedicated to pattern design, sewing and needlework. My 20s saw my interests shift slightly to add knitting and anything fiber related to the mix. Now I've started down a new path with French Beaded Flowers. Although I've worked with beads and particularly seed beads for well over 15 years, this particular craft has completely captured my attention and has become my passion.

I also dabble in painting and jewelry making from time to time and plan on offering select pieces through my store in the upcoming months.

The main element that draws me over and over again to a creative life is beauty. I love nothing more, nor am I ever happier than when I am creating something beautiful.