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Lisbon, CT, United States


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About Me:

I am a self-taught jewelry designer and have been making jewelry for 12 years. Throughout that time I have learned many new techniques and I am always eager to learn more.

My love of natural stone:

Since I was very small I have always been a 'rock hound'. I dragged my parents to every rock/gem show I could find. I even remember a time when I was about 5 years old when I would find beautiful rocks in my yard, wash them in the sink and sell them to relatives for a penny. My grandmother carried every one she bought from me in her purse. Even though I love rocks and don't mind getting dirty I have always been a 'girly girl' and love jewelry.

Early jewelry design:

My earliest memories of jewelry making was in 7th grade when I took a pendant off a necklace and put it on an earring hook. I really took an interest in jewelry and design when my daughter was born 15 years ago. I made lots of jewelry for myself in the colors and styles that I liked but could not find in stores. When my daughter was a toddler I did my first craft show and the rest is history.

My inspiration:

I have always been amazed by the colors and patterns that nature creates in natural stone. It is one of the things that inspire me. I like to incorporate stone and glass together in my designs. I enjoy creating pieces in which the materials play off each other. My personal obsession is leaves. Many of my designs have leaves or implied leaf shapes. Nature is my greatest inspiration.

For the future:

Currently I am reading, studying, and practicing with polymer clay. I have done some work with PMC also. I am hoping to use this medium to expand my design possibilities.

All my jewelry pieces are one of a kind. Some pieces can be duplicated on request.

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