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Wellington, KS, United States

Quick Blurb

I specialize in handmade metal signs, wall hangings and household decorations.


Metal fabrication, welding, painting, clocks, wall hangings, wall decoration.

Skills and Techniques

Welding, painting, metal work.

Get to Know

"Just 4 the Art of it" started out with just a few simple coffee designs that were made out of bent strips of metal and welded together.

Currently most items are made with a computer aided plasma cutter. Plasma cutters cut metal such as steel or aluminum with electricity and compressed air.

Some designs are hand drawn, scanned and then sent to the computer program where the design is programmed with cut paths. Other items are designed digitally and then programmed for cutting out of metal.

Many hours are spent programming the designs so the plasma machine will cut it out correctly.

Since I am still a full time automotive restoration shop owner, occasionally some left over automotive parts get crafted into clocks and other decor.

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