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Wichita, Kansas, United States

Quick Blurb

Crochet is my passion. I love crocheting attractive bags and other items out of upcycled plastic bags and 100% cotton yarn.


The most important things to me are family and friends. I love animals, and my dog "Mazy" is the ultimate companion. Crochet is my absolute favorite activity. I also enjoy travel, casinos, internet, genealogy, and watching TV (while crocheting!).

Skills and Techniques

I've enjoyed different forms of needlework most of my life: sewing, cross stitch, quilting and crochet. Designing my bags is a skill that continues to develop along with crochet technique.

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Get to Know

My name is Karen. I live in the midwest with my husband, Terry, and sweet little dog, Mazy. I am the mom of two grown sons, step-mom to five grown children, and step-grandma to ten children. I confess! I'm hooked on crochet! I rarely sit down to watch TV without my crochet in hand. As soon as I complete one project, I can't wait to get started on a new one. Like many crocheters, I have made my share of baby blankets, afghans and scarves. But when I stumbled upon plastic bag crochet, I knew I had found my niche. There's nothing like creating a useful item out of discarded or unwanted materials and knowing that I am contributing to a worthy cause.

Bio Photo Gallery

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    This was the first market bag I crocheted with 100% cotton yarn.

  • KConkle's Photo Gallery

    These are crocheted cotton Swiffer dust mop cloths that I began making after receiving a request for them.

  • KConkle's Photo Gallery

    My step-daughter chose this messenger bag to use as a gym bag. She loves that getting it wet won't hurt it.

  • KConkle's Photo Gallery

    My daughter-in-law uses this bag to carry her business brochures to home shows.