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Jacksonville, Florida, United States

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I am an OBSESSED & POSSESSED, lifetime beader, who loves to make anything with beads. Enjoy my adventures and mistakes! ~KM


beads, beads, my kids, my family, beads, crafts, crocheting, knitting, cross stitch, beads, beads, oh ya, and BEADS! ~KM

Skills and Techniques

Fully beaded traditional beading. Using Peyote, Raw (right angle weave), Herringbone, Square stitch, fringe, spiral, and many other stitches. My creations are made using High quality Silver and Gold plated findings.

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Over 40 years ago I sat and watched my mother making items for my family for the holidays.By the age of 5, I was already stranding beads for my own creations. Over the years I perfected my techniques and styles. After 4 years in the US Navy and 15 years is 'Corporate America' doing everything from running my own Marketing Company to running a Sports Talk Radio Station, I have seen it all. After my Monster (my son) was born my husband and I decided that I would be a 'stay at home mom' in order to spend more time with AYE (now 14) and Monster (now 9). Suddenly I felt like I had nothing to do!! Having been involved in almost every craft and form of art I fell back into my true love, BEADWORK. I hand design and create every one of my pieces - from the designing of the pattern to the finish work of the clasps. So now I am one of the lucky few that gets to turn my passion into a business. Many of my order are customized to match the client's colors and design ideas. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You can find me at: ArtFire Studio: ArtFire DESTASH Studio: Blog: Twitter: FaceBook Fan Page: YouTube: Google Plus Page: https: Instagram: Personal Google Page: Pinterest: Flickr: Linkedin: Klout: Socialliss: Ownza: Wanelo: Rebelmouse: email:

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    Beadwork April/May 2013 'the challenge' Once again I am speechless! Yes, I know that is hard to believe, but it is true. As with my last great surprise it all started with a trip to the mail box! I opened the box and there it sat.... Yes, this is the issue I have been talking about for some time!!! I can now show it ALL to you!! It started out as an email entry into 'the challenge' email - I have been trying for about 2 years to get in - and a return email from them stating that I had finally made it!! Then, I was sent this stash; and then, I added some more beads... and then I went on VACATION!! Yep, on my trip to California to see my family I took a package of beads tucked in my bag - SURPRISE SURPRISE! I was VERY protective of these beads, and they traveled with me in my carry-on. Then when I got to my Mom and Dad's house I set out to create something that I would be proud to see published. So, here is what I did; And then, I finished it, sent it off to Beadwork magazine and waited!! It was SO hard for me to wait! I couldn't show anyone my creation, show the stash that I was given, or anything!! Talk about hard for a person who shows all her step at a the whole world!?! But, I waited - until yesterday's mail! And there, it was!!! This is the note I wrote to them with my creation (they edited it a bit, but here is the whole note); My favorite color is Purple, so when this beautiful kit came in the mail I was so very excited!! With several trips to my local bead stores, I finally found the perfect center for my creation. I used mainly peyote and herringbone stitch, but there are a few other beadweaving stitches thrown in! I just couldn't help myself, so I added some more crystals, more bead types and some other elements to the design. The end result....I think is very beautiful. The best part of this challenge was that I could create it while I was on vacation at my mom and dad's home. My mother taught me to bead when I was just a young girl and now as and adult, it was wonderful for her to be able to see how I have developed my skill as a beader and to have her input on my design. And now, this beadwoven necklace set is for sale!! I hope that you all enjoyed my creation, as much I do! Purse measures 4 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall. It is .50 inches deep. Chain is adjustabl

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    I was inspired to create something that was unique by my mom and dad. I have been beading for most of my life and wanted something that challenged and inspired me. I fell in love with this creation right from the beginning. Over 6 hours went into the design of the total pattern and over 100 hours of beading. Each panel has over 10,000 Delica seed beads in it, totaling well over 40,000 beads in the completed project. I used 28 colors in total. There are also Swarovski Crystals used for the 'hinges' and at the top of the posts. I chose this name; Reaching Tranquility Miniature Dressing Screen, for this Krafty Max Original creation because it truly had me reaching for tranquility. During this project I was surprised at all the emotions that it either brought out or created. I went from frustration to fascination and from inspiration to exasperation! But through it all I was inspired and felt a deep sense of Tranquility from the creation itself. To read more about this - or the listing -

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    This Fire Rescue Design was hand designed and beaded by Krafty Max Originals. It is then wrapped and secured around a Stainless Steel 8oz. Flask. This flask took over 57 hours to complete. I used peyote stitch to complete it. It is a hand designed pattern and the beads that are used are 11o (11 beads per inch). The beadwork is glued to the flask (only to keep it from sliping off). It is washable - if care is taken. A Care sheet is provided. This is a 8 oz Stainless Steel Flask. To see this listing -

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    Yesterday I went to the mail box (I almost didn't) and when I got there there was an envelope from Fire Mountain Gems. I knew I hadn't ordered anything (this week), so I was very interested to see what it was. When I opened the envelope there was the January 2013 issue of Beads and Beyond. What a great bead magazine. But then, I turned it over.....and I lost my breathe. No, that isn't right, I couldn't breathe!! I am not sure if I have ever been that excited.... want to see what I saw??? Yes, that is my beautiful Celtic Art Hand Beaded Sun Catcher - Artfire Beadweavers Guild - Fire Moutain Gems Finalist Entry Now, I am very proud of this creation, here are some of the awards it has won.... Celtic Art Hand Beaded Sun Catcher - Artfire Beadweavers Guild - Fire Moutain Gems Finalist Entry and HERE, is the video of how it was made..... To see this listing -