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Dancer ~ Artist ~ Designer


Dance - French Couture - Arts - Beads - Metal - Glass - Bling - Style - Trends - Painting - Choreography - Modeling - Photography - Staging

Skills and Techniques

Custom Beadwork - Vintage Work - Reuse - Mixed Materials - Metal Twisting - Details - Photography

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Get to Know

KyraKouture is a brand designed and created by Kyra Peterson. Every item is hand crafted with precision and detail for the high fashion enthusiast.

About the designer:
Since I was a young child I was interested in the arts. At the age of four, I began taking ballet classes at a local studio, and now, I dance for Poetry in Motion Dance Company in North East Minneapolis. Not only was I exposed to preforming arts at a young age, but also visual arts. Both of my parents are avid artists and I've grown up in a home filled with paintings, photography, and sculptures. I first became interested in fashion in Jr. High. This is when I started designing my own accessories for the reason that I wanted a look that fully represented me. It wasn't untill I was making a bracelet for a friend this winter that I decided I wanted to share my peices with more than just my friends and family. I know you will love wearing them as much as I love creating them.
~All my hopes, dreams, and wishes,