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Skills and Techniques

Sizing details
There is different dimensions for each item and indicated in product details, to find out the information about sizes look at the info "Item details."

Product material and fittings
We use Genuine leather called "FLESH" - skin thickness 2.0-2.2 mm. Which is made of cattle skin (cows). The leather is buffed, dense, smooth to the touch and a little glossy. Also, the skin does not deteriorate if it gets a bit wet because of the rain or sweat. If necessary, you can clean the leather from dust, dirt, or stains with a soft fabric. We use only proven, durable metal fittings of silver color.

Get to Know

Hi! It's Anastasia from LAGGUNA My passion is leather and lace, I love to create and wear it, so be free to contact if you have an idea! I create and sale the best erotic attributes in our country.

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