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Yarn is good, Yarn is great! About how much I love yarn, There's no debate- Gooooh YARN!


Crocheting, wool, spinning,fibers,yarn

Skills and Techniques

Crochet and a bit of sewing.

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Get to Know

I'd have to say that the best thing about crocheting is knowing that the work you've done is appreciated- Nothing feels better than knowing that my time wasn't wasted on a project and that where ever its home winds up to be, it's loved. I absolutely love to crochet! I've known how to for a while but recently, I've felt the need to get more serious about it and to be more productive with it. Crochet is like candy- I'm hooked!

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    Ã, I love being outside. While the weather is nice, I often take my projects to the porch and enjoy the setting as I work.

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    My son keeps me feeling young. Whether it's talking in a silly voice, playing with play-doh, or remembering what it was like when I first learned how to read and write, I'm almost always up to kid stuff.

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    This matching pink scarf and coffee cup sleeve was my way of raising money for October's cause, Breast Cancer Awareness. I'm looking forward to offering more items which will help with a donation to a worthy cause.

  • LaneesCrochet's Photo Gallery

    My son and I love going to the park and experiencing what we like to believe are seasons. (In vegas, you can never be too sure lol) This picture was taken around Thanksgiving, 2008