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Texarkana, Texas, United States

Quick Blurb

Welcome to my studio, I am glad that you have chosen to visit me here. Browse around & contact me if you have questions.


Oh where to begin....crocheting, beading, spinning, needle felting, traveling, gardening, photography.

Skills and Techniques

Traditional Crochet

Weaving on a Cricket Loom

Spinning on a Kiwi Spinning Wheel

Polymer Clay Design

Needle Felting



Wood Working

Get to Know

This adventure of selling online sort of just happened. I joined Ravelry on the advice of another artisan and then kept after me until I opened my own shop. I love to crochet and I first learned to some 30+ years ago from an elderly neighbor lady who had no grandchildren and wanted to pass down the art of crochet. I never really kept up the skill but, when my nephew and his wife became pregnant I decided it was time to renew my skills so that I could make them some handmade gifts for the wee one.

I have a variety of hobbies and things I enjoy doing and sharing things is awesome. I probably under price most of my items and it is not because I don't think they are quality items. I enjoy the art and want to be able to place those items in the hands of others for them to enjoy. If I could afford to do so I'd give every item away but, I do need to make a little to fund this passion.

Bio Photo Gallery

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    This is a picture of a needle felt design I created for my sister. She loves dragon flies so I put this on the back of one of her jean shirts.

  • LazyHCreations' Photo Gallery

    Baby Set, includes sweather, hat and boots.

  • LazyHCreations' Photo Gallery

    Oh, I'm proud of this. This belt is made of yarn that I spun on my own spinning wheel and then I crocheted it and attached the glass/stone rings on either end.

  • LazyHCreations' Photo Gallery

    A customer wanted a hooded neck warmer so, after she described it well enough for me to visualize it I created this for her.