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Pataskala, OH, United States

Quick Blurb

Michigan born, Ohio based, wannabe Texan fine art photographer, classic car, book, & vintage buff. Ribeye and ribs addict.


Photography, reading, writing, sewing, embroidery, classic film, vintage and retro anything, American Revolution history, classic cars, horses, horse racing, baking, gardening, TCM, my crazy pets, Route 66, making & eating real food, and thrifting.

Skills and Techniques

Photography; sewing and embroidery; baking and cooking up lots of mean things; painting; writing; eating.

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Get to Know

I'm Jen, the green Irish eyes behind the photography you see. A freelance writer, photographer, and history book and TCM addict, I've seen the world from behind a camera lens for a good part of my life (and since people like to ask, I'm a Canon woman). With camera in hand, just about everything became a subject, from family & pets to cars and buildings, especially old architecture. Living in the Detroit area gave me access to many wonderful things to shoot, and since my parents like to travel with an RV, we visited marvellous places, too, that gave me even more opportunities. Thus, I learned young.

I temporarily left photography behind when I was not only between cameras, but working full-time at an ad agency to help me pay my way through full-time college, where I studied business and literature (hey, I have varied and wide-ranging interests). Eventually, though, the urge became too great to resist, and I bought a small new digicam. Armed with my PowerShot, I once again found tremendous joy in shooting the world around me and sharing my perspective on the world with others. A family member was so impressed by my work with that cheap pocket camera (especially my classic car photography), he bought me a better, more flexible camera, and I was off to the races!

After marrying in 2006, I moved from my hometown outside of Detroit to Pittsburgh, then to a small suburb in West Virginia (I like to affectionately call our old neighborhood "Mayberry"). A recent job change necessitated our moving to Columbus, Ohio in September of 2011. Leaving my darling vintage home and wonderful neighborhood behind has made me very sad, but we'll make a new life here. We are, at least, closer to family and Route 66Ã?Æ'Ã+'Ã?âEURšÃ,¢Ã?Æ'Ã,¢,Ã?âEURšÃ,¬"though we're a bit further away from my favourite place, Mount Vernon in Virginia. My husband is wonderfully tolerant of my need to shoot things with the camera, though, so he's happy to escort me around the country so I can continue photographing it!

As so many of us learn, life often has plans for us that we could not imagine or desire. Shortly after marriage, my sometimes difficult health took a nosedive. I could no longer work outside the home, and decided to begin selling my artwork on a more regular basis, having often happily sold photo prints to those who had seen it on Flickr or elsewhere; many actually found my photography via my writing, which primarily concerned America and American history, classic cars, and horses. My health is still too poor for me to work outside the home, but I also write and do marketing and information analysis on a freelance basis. In the past year, I've been very pleased to see my Americana photography featured in several regional magazines. Now that we're in Columbus, where there's a bigger art scene, I'm planning to participate in local fairs and try to get my photography into local galleries. Wish me good favour!

We live with a neurotic but sweet collie named Benedict (no, not after Benedict Arnold...), Ben's affectionate and enormous tabby cat, Buckley (long story), and our crazy minx of a tortie cat, Lucy. I still drive back to West Virginia to see my awesome doctor, who takes good care of my health, and I won't deny that having the open road beneath my car's wheels makes me feel better all by itself!

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