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Sun City, Ca, United States

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Welcome to the home of "Liquid Assets" here you will fine wonderful handmade sculptures of Sea Life.


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How it\'s done:<br /> I use no molds in my work, each piece is hand shaped and created by me making every piece truly one of a kind. I start my creations using weight 23 aluminum with a Ã?âEUR?Ã,¼ inch open grid. They are then covered in cloth for strength and sealed. After that I apply the skin using a mixture of natural clays and gypsum. All details are made with the same substance. It took me a year to perfect the mixture to get the results I wanted. A

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Get to Know

I have been an artist for many years .I love sculpture and sea life has become one of my favorite subjects. I was an avid scuba diver for 14+ years and grew to love and respect our oceans and all the life it holds within. I am a Sea Shepherd supporter and my wish is that my art would bring awareness to the importance of clean water for all mankind and the creatures that reside beneath the waves. We as a people are comprised of nearly 90% water. All life forms require hydration; water is a life giving force. Our oceans and waterways are becoming increasingly more contaminated by trash and unscrupulous practices by the very people who depend on them for life. Think of the food sources that our oceans and lakes provide us. The old adage goes Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life time. What if one day there were no more fish? What happens to that proverbial man? This is a question we can all ask ourselves. What if all our water sources one day became depleted due to simple negligence? For example, dumping our trash, oil, and etcetera, down the storm drains as opposed to disposing of these products the correct way? We all have seen so many of the oceans creatures with plastic bags around their necks and six-pack rings, not to mention fishing line tied and wrapped around their bodies. We pay money to go on boats to see whales and dolphins because of their beauty and grace. What if our children or our children or grandchildren no longer had that option? What if the only way you could experience what we all take for granted was by holding this sculpture in your hand? <br /> <br /> Visit me on

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