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Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Quick Blurb

12th scale dollhouse food and foodie jewellery for real-sized people too.


fimo, polymer clay, 12th scale, dollhouse, miniature, jewellery, food

Skills and Techniques

I work mainly with fimo (polymer clay).

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Get to Know


I'm called A-M and I live in lovely Sheffield, Yorkshire. I enjoy wasting lots of time making little things, thus my name, Little Time Wasters.

I use polymer clay and to create my 12th scale dollhouse food, as well as food that can be worn as jewellery. I started working with polymer clay because after finishing uni, I realised there's more to evenings than writing essays. Also, with clay, it doesn't matter if it's raining outside, which is a handy asset when you live in lovely, but damp, Sheffield.

Polymer clay is a funny old material to work with. It can take several attempts to get a technique right, and often there are several stages of making and baking to get to a finished piece. So even though my miniatures are small, they take a lot of time and effort to make. I hope you enjoy having them as much as I enjoyed making them!