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Whitefish, MT, United States

Quick Blurb

I am a self-taught jewelry designer, currently financing my art through a full time legal secretary job in northwest Montana.


reading, boating, writing, travel, wire wrapping, metal work, interior design, hiking, bicycling, cooking, health and nutrition, history, armchair economics, humor, Scrabble, photography

Skills and Techniques

hammering metal, wire wrapping, stringing, knotting, antiquing/oxidizing metal, hand forging chain and various jewelry findings, hoping to learn to create "fauxtiquities" with polymer clay

Get to Know

I live in a lovely little ski town in northwest Montana called Whitefish, and have also had the great fortune to have traveled a lot around the world. I am daily inspired by the palette outside my window--the viridian of glacial lakes, the deep blue of autumn skies, the intense greens of springtime larch...even the grays and gentle browns of winter---and my memories of both the landscapes and brilliant artistry in the various countries I have traveled in.

Over the years, I have tried to capture some of those colors, textures, and impressions in different artistic media, dabbling in drawing, painting, home decor, photography, even putting together an outfit from time to time that was inspired by some color palette I saw through the window as I drove across country. None of these contexts was really the right fit for me though.

I discovered jewelry design and fabrication through looking for jewelry I wanted to wear. I found myself haunting jewelry stores looking for something I couldn't quite put my finger on. I had a vague picture of it in my mind, and knew I would know it when I saw it. But I just couldn't find it.

So I started making my own.

A year down the road, I feel I have found my medium. And now I find there are far too many ideas in my head for me to ever wear myself, and that what I really crave is for someone else to wear it, love it and feel beautiful in it.

I really favor organic shapes and forms, that have a natural, earthy feel. When I use materials with a more polished, formal feel, I like to use them in unusual ways that evoke a more freeform kind of style.

Hope you enjoy browsing my jewelry as much as I've enjoyed creating it! Thanks for stopping by.